Why Please...guru

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of raising small amounts online from a crowd of multiple donors very quickly for your personal or NGO causes.

See below link for complete details :

PleaseGuru Charges

Irrespective of the type of fundraiser, we charge a flat rate: 5% of funds raised + Payment gateway fees (2%)

How it works?


Fundraiser creates a story on Pleaseguru.com or sends a video via WhatsApp to 9573780417.


Pleaseguru receives funds from donors far and wide.


Pleaseguru sends money to the fundraiser's bank account after the end of the donation window.

Tips for taking videos

Keep the phone Landscape mode as Youtube videos are watched best horizontally

Use a tripod to avoid shaking the phone.

Try to take videos during the day. If at night, use a bright light

If you are interviewing a person, make sure you cover only from head to waist.